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How is Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration Suitable For Business?

The “Demandware” was the name of the salesforce commerce cloud until the salesforce acquisition took place. Majorly the retail brands using the commerce cloud service such as Adidas, Puma, Burton, and Lacoste but are they right for your business? Let’s check out by reading this interesting article.

So, to be more precise, we start with salesforce commerce cloud Integration, its features, and its suitability with your business.

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

One of the highly scalable software-as-a-service cloud-based eCommerce solutions. Salesforce commerce cloud offers the best in class feature functionality for many years to deal with fruitful optimized eCommerce experience.

The basic offering of this platform is an eCommerce SaaS solution that frees your business from the managing demand and technical roadmap and figures out how to stay ahead of the curve with its best practices and eCommerce features.

The restructuring of the salesforce commerce cloud is always progressive refining its new features and functionality to keep pace with the eCommerce sector to provide best-in-class functions set to business.

Importance Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

The importance of integration of the salesforce commerce cloud is enormous. Still, the company’s main reason for adopting this integration is its data management, existing legacy, and modern system that holds valuable customer data.

Let’s deep dive into the importance of Salesforce commerce cloud Integration with one simple example. So, imagine a particular eCommerce company has some personal customer information such as customer name, contact details, etc., in the salesforce commerce cloud, but the company has client order information in other order history applications and shipping information in other modern shipping systems.

So, to serve them better customer service, deliver the out-of-the-box personalized shopping experience, and view all the customer information in a single software screen, we need to integrate the history application and modern shopping system with salesforce Commerce Cloud.

I think you may be clear about the importance of salesforce commerce cloud integration so, now you are able to look out the suitability of your business. Even if we can check its suitability with its features, why need to wait.

Feature & Functionality Offer By Salesforce Commerce Cloud

There are many core functionality with market-leading features. So, let’s discuss some main features that more fit the retail business.


The Salesforce commerce cloud coupled with the traffic spikes and huge demand with a definite plan. Whenever there will be a sudden spike in demand the scales up without any intervention.

Seamless Upgrades

Due to the platform as a SaaS, In the background, Salesforce rolls out the new features. Moreover, in the administration panel, no technical intervention was required on our side.

Range of Cloud Services

There is many ranges of related Customer relationship management and SaaS services that you can easily interact with.

A Product Roadmap by Salesforce

If you think or find that the salesforce commerce cloud is a compelling proposition, there are chances to be content with adopting the roadmap of commerce cloud by salesforce. It’s another part if you don’t concern yourself with freeing so, to focus on the solution features and functionality to boost sales and grow your site.

In the above image, there are some companies that are using the salesforce commerce cloud.

How To Integrate With Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The Salesforce commerce cloud integration is possible considering a few things, so companies are using Any point platform for the integration. The Anypoint platform helps e-commerce companies to build consumer relationships more fastly by providing marvelous Connectors and APIs and Integration templates.

That means companies can move forward beyond the custom-coded integration apart from APIs and connectors to achieve better connectivity with the salesforce commerce cloud.

Take Away

The salesforce commerce cloud Integration offers many benefits in the eCommerce retail business. If you are running a retail e-commerce business, integration plays a vital role in your day-to-day business process and provides you a roadmap to increase your sales and marketing expertise. If you want to explore more informative blogs follow Devtechtoday.