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DevTechToday is an online publication platform that is an ideal place to post your tech talent. We help you to reach a wider range of audiences by connecting with an engaging, supportive, and non-toxic community of tech professionals, founders, marketers, investors, etc.

Write for Us

DevTechToday is a perfect place for tech experts to publish their content. Here’s why people choose us!

  • We provide a free editorial session to improve stories by our expert team of human editors.
  • We offer a paywall and ad-free reading experience for the audience.

How Do We Work?

#We Embrace Your First-Person Writing Style!

First things first! ‘We’ can rest while you can bring ‘I’ into the story!

#Bring In Technology

Speak about how technology is changing the world, and how it is creating an impact on individuals. Although the fact that tech is an aspect that infiltrates every industry and individual is for real, DevTechToday receives a good amount of top-notch content that has absolutely no connections with the tech industry.

#Give Us Something That Hasn’t Been Spoke/Written Earlier

The audience at DevTechToday is educated. Here, we are considering everyone’s rights from developers to data scientists and EV engineers. To bring out the best, you can consider a number of questions! Do your homework. Ask:

  • What is the bigger picture of the content you post on the space?
  • What is your unique standpoint on the topic?
  • What are the potential challenges that might need deeper research and analysis?
  • How will the audience at DevTechToday feel about your content?

Hope you are clear with all the rules and guidelines, Share your through or sample blog post to editor[at]devtechtoday.com (Note: be patient and wait for our review. Unrelated posts or useless submissions will not accepted)