Privacy Policy

DevTechToday provides the utmost privacy to you. Hence, we give you precise control over your data.

1. Does DevTechToday save anonymous data?

While using the website, DevTechToday collects a couple of anonymous data. This is to study how users are using the site.

2. What are the situations where DevTechToday collects personal data?

Upon creating a DevTechToday account, our site will collect some of your personal data. Herein, we will track your progress towards earning developer certifications to help you personalize your developer portfolio. If you do not create an account but use DevTechToday anonymously, we will not create any data.

3. Can I use DevTechToday anonymously?

Yes. Without creating an account, users have access to each video, article, interactive coding lesson, and podcast available on DevTechToday.

4. Upon creating my account, which data will be collected?

To sign in to DevTechToday, we will ask for your email address. Herein, we will send you all the helpful links and announcements. When you create your account on DevTechToday, we publish a new developer portfolio page for you. In addition, you can add your details, including your name, geographic location, and link to the website.

By default, this developer portfolio will display which of the DevTechToday lessons you have completed. Furthermore, it will also display code solutions for the links, algorithm challenges, etc. Note that you have full control over your data. You can set the privacy of these details or delete them at any point.

5. What does full control over data mean?

This denotes that users can download each of your data in your desired JSON format. You have complete control over which data you wish to display on your developer portfolio. In addition, you can either delete your entire data or delete your entire account.

6. Upon deleting my personal data from DevTechToday, will the server really delete the data?

Yes. When users delete personal data from their account on DevTechToday, we delete it immediately from our servers. We take emergency backups of the database every day. However, we delete each within a few days. Hence, upon your account deletion, your personal data will not exist in our backups.