Terms of Use

To gain access to our website, users must agree to the terms of use with DevTechToday.

1. Important Terms

The terms comprise several significant provisions that collide with your rights and responsibilities. This includes Disclaimers, limits on the company liabilities, limits on liability, and an agreement to cover the organization for the inconvenience caused by a user’s misuse.

2. Website Permission

With regard to these terms, the organization gives you permission to gain access to the website. This permission is not exclusive. One cannot transfer it to a third person. Anyone willing to access the website needs to agree to the terms for themselves.

3. Website Using Conditions

Your permission to access the website depends on your agreement to the following conditions. Users,

  • Must be 13 years old and above
  • Cannot use the website if the organization contacts you directly, informing you should not
  • Must use the website as per the acceptable use and content standards

4. Acceptable Use

  • Users do not defy the law while using the website.
  • Users must not try to use another’s account on the website without permission.
  • You will not hyperlink to an image or non-hyper content on the site.
  • You may not sell, buy, or practice trade-in your user name/unique identifier on the website.
  • You will not send any chain letters, advertisements, or any such solicitations by the website.
  • You cannot use the website to collect addresses for commercial mailing lists.
  • Users may not use the site to send emails to newsgroups, distribution lists, or group mail aliases.
  • Users may not show any portion of the website on other sites by using iframes.
  • You do not make false statements regarding your affiliation with/ endorsed by the company.
  • You do not avoid, disable, or access any site restrictions.
  • You do not help or motivate a third party to violate the terms.
  • You do not erase any signs that show proprietary ownership from materials you get from the site.
  • You do not impersonate a third person via a website.

5. Content Standards

  • You will not submit content to the website that infringes or violates the law.
  • You do not infringe any intellectual property or violate privacy.
  • You do not post content that defies agreements you hold with others.
  • You do not submit content that is offensive and illegal. This involves content that is abusive, inappropriate, and harassing.
  • You do not post any content as a placeholder to hold a username, address, or a unique identifier.
  • You must not submit content that contains potential or malicious computer codes like spyware or system viruses.
  • You will not take the help of the website to disclose any information that you do not have the permission/right to disclose. This involves confidential data.

6. Enforcement

The firm will study and prosecute violations of the terms to the highest legal extent. The organization will notify and unite with law enforcement authorities to prosecute the violation of these terms and laws.

The company holds the authority to alter, redact, or delete any content from the site for all/any reason. If you think anyone has violated the company privacy policy and posted inappropriate content, kindly contact us immediately.

7. Disclaimers

By agreeing to the terms, you accept all the risks of accessing the website and its content. Under the law, the company offers the website without any warranty.

The platform DevTechToday may hyperlink or address other websites or company services. The company does not make any such warranty regarding the services or content provided by others. Using services run by others will be judged by other terms between the user and the one holding the service.

8. Liability Limits

In case of contract damage breaches, the company will not be responsible. This is because the company personnel might not have foreseen while you agreed to the terms.

Under the law, the company’s total liability to you for all and any kind of claims related to the content/website is restricted to $50.

9. Feedback

The company embraces your suggestions and feedback for the site. Refer to the contact section below to connect with us. Under this, you agree that DevTechToday is free to act on suggestions and feedback that you offer. The company will not notify you regarding your user feedback. The company will not pay you for the feedback or ask permission to implement it. You agree to refrain from submitting suggestions and feedback that you think is confidential or hold ownership/copyrights.

10. Termination

Either the company or you can end the agreement at any point. Note that when the agreement ends, you access the website, and its content ends.

Until the end of the agreement, the following are the provisions that survive until the end of the contract: your feedback, content, responsibility, limits on liability, Disclaimers, and general terms.

11. Contact

Under these terms, you may write to the company or send questions at @

DevTechToday will notify you under the listed terms with the help of your registered email ID that you put on your account on the website.