Salesforce By DevTechToday November 9, 2022

Which One Will Boost Your Business: Sales Cloud Vs. Service Cloud

In the competitive world to compete with our competitors, Salesforce introduced two powerful tools, such as Salesforce sales cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, to understand the need for business.

The comparison is necessary because there are some similarities between the two, but they are also different from each other in some aspects. So, in this blog, we compare the Sales Cloud Vs. Service Cloud for a better understanding.

Sales Cloud in Salesforce is the module that offers companies to increase their sales, opportunities, and potentially leads.

Service Cloud offers the services and cases. It abets companies to sell out their product and services.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Sales Cloud refers to the Sales module.
  • It has features such as lead support, lead capture with auto-response rules.
  • It includes features like Web-to-lead to support lead capture, along with auto-response rules.
  • It is built for a start-to-end process of the Sales process.
  • It is highly recommended for customer Sales centric business.
  • The unique feature of the Salesforce sales cloud is sales forecasting. Sales contract and opportunity split.

Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Service cloud refers to the service module in Salesforce.
  • It has features such as a self-service portal, web to case, customer service automation, and call center.
  • It has unique features that support clients current, past, and future requests that assist with product service, billing, and more.
  • It is highly recommended to the customer that comes with a service-centric business.
  • It offers unique features such as field services, service analytics, service console.

Let’s have a Look at Salesforce Sales Cloud Vs. Service Cloud Features.

Sales Cloud

The Salesforce product Sales cloud is built for the management, automation, and analyzing the Sales process. Moreover, sales representatives and sales managers can use the Salesforce sales cloud functions as it performs the sales task with different priorities with enhancing efficiency.

Sales Cloud For Sales Manager

Sales Cloud provides the functionality to sales managers to build sales approaches that can be handled with a single system. The system also helps sales managers in assessing and control the sales representatives. Moreover, with the performance data, a sales manager can predict the strength and weaknesses of sales representatives. In addition, the sales cloud assistance will deal with the challenges, and process alignment with disjoined sales process and marketing.

Sales Cloud For Sales Representatives

Salesforce sales cloud provides effective and convenient customer service and communication with various channels that are in Sales Cloud UI. The advanced integration offers an accumulation of more information that is relevant to contacts, and accounts that focus on requirements more precisely. The Sales Cloud is exceptional automation that helps in guiding sales representatives with routine tasks, nurturing and closing deals, and many more.

Features Of Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Reports and Dashboard
  • Account and Contact Management
  • Lead Management
  • Work Process Approval
  • File syncing and Sharing
  • Mobile Optimization

Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud makes customer service more effective and efficient. As customer retention is cheaper in dealing with the new customer at that time, the salesforce service cloud plays an important role as a tool and strategically in the enterprise. As per the customer experience service manager affects positively with customer retention rate, and the brand is recognized for taking care of its customer.

Service Cloud For Customer Service Manager

Salesforce service cloud provides functionality to build and manage the customer service process in the service cloud. In addition, the Service cloud allows customer service managers to guide customer service representatives and also show the performance report, and areas to grow with organized training.

Service Cloud For Customer Service Agent

Service clouds provide the integration of different channels to communicate with the customers. As the communication exists with each channel in service Cloud UI, the customer service channel became more capable of servicing the customer more accurately and rapidly. With the help of service, cloud service agents can solve the cases more swiftly with quick solutions of customers without any delay.

Feature of Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Service console
  • Customer service
  • Chat service
  • Knowledge base
  • Email to the case

The Need Using Both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

If an organization is looking for complete customer and sales services, it will be better to use both. The benefit of using both is the two different departments’ customer service, and sales will share a single customer base.

So, if a company or brand needs to focus on sales and customer service both then opting for both will offer many benefits in the company as it becomes more customer service-oriented and the sales team gets a wide insight of sales with no to add one or extra features.

Take Away

If you are still confused about Sales cloud vs. Service cloud, then you can also go for the Salesforce consulting services and discuss your requirements with the Salesforce consultant. They will guide you on which one suits your business more.

However, Salesforce provides various products to boost up the business processes such as marketing cloud, commerce cloud, community cloud, and many more so, you have a wide option to select as per your business requirement. So, scheduling the meeting with a Salesforce consultant helps you to customize and implement the right Salesforce product that decreases the burden of your business work. Explore more informative blogs by following Devtechtoday.