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Reduce Overall Project Costs by Hiring a Dedicated Team of Developers?

Developing a personalized solution can be costly and severely hurt the business organization. But suppose the organization employs a dedicated development team. In that case, it will help the organization reduce software development costs. It will also help the organization to have excess benefits of various skills, flexibility, adequate skills, and proper focus.

As per a report by Deloitte and Statista, cost reduction is one of the primary reasons organizations outsource their services to a third-party outsourcing organization. 

Factors Which Lead to Increase in Cost:

Before we discuss how a dedicated team of developers helps reduce software development costs, we will discuss factors that will lead to an increase in the cost of software development.

  • Poor Planning

Planning helps to set the tone of any project. Proper planning will include every minute detail of the project. But if the planning is not done correctly, it will lead to a delay or even failure in the software development, leading to increased project costs. Therefore the organization should plan everything before they start working on the project.

  • Inadequate Testing

Before launching the software or the application, it should be tested frequently. So that bugs and other problems can be identified and quickly fixed. It might help in saving lots of costs. Nowadays, organizations should focus on automated testing. It helps to improve the effectiveness and coverage of the testing process.

  • Miscommunication 

In any software development process, success depends heavily on communication. If proper communication is not done between different stakeholders of the organization, then there is a high chance of failure of that application. As a result, the cost will go up. So miscommunication within the organization is not beneficial, and they should rectify it as soon as possible.

  • Project Duration

The project duration is also a factor that could affect the production cost. If the project’s duration is more prolonged, its cost will be higher, and if it is short, then there are chances of mistakes. Eventually, both will result in a rise in the cost of production. So proper planning should be done to determine the duration of the project.

  • Delay and Interruptions

When an in-house team conducts a project, there might be a delay and interruptions in the development because there is a high chance that the in-house team is simultaneously working on another project. This might lead to a decrease in the speed of the project development, and the project duration will increase, which might lead to an increase in cost. 

Who are Dedicated Developers, and Why should they be hired?

A dedicated team of developers is those individuals who are experienced and skilled specialists who entirely work on your project. This dedicated team of developers will exclusively work for your project but will be outsourced from another organization. 

Why should a dedicated team of developers be hired?

The following are specific reasons why the organization should have a dedicated team of developers.

  • Shortage of Skills

In the modern technological world, it is tough for the developer to possess proficiency in every required technology. So if the organization lacks the required skill set, it should hire a dedicated team of developers with the help of which the organization can complete its project more efficiently.     

  • Unclear Scope

If the organization or its employees cannot define the project’s clear scope, it will lead to a longer software development life cycle. When an organization is facing such situations, the organization needs to find a dedicated team of developers to help the organization successfully develop and deploy the application or the software.   

  • Ineffective Utilization of Cutting-Edge Technologies

The software development industry is an industry that is continuously evolving because of the introduction of newer technologies, tools as well as programming languages. The organization must adopt this newer technology to survive in this competitive market. But the organization can’t have specialized resources in all trending technologies. So to cope-up they should hire a dedicated team of developers to help them in such cases.

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  • Not able to Meet Deadlines

An organization must complete its projects within time as it is a matter of pride and reputation. So the organization must meet the deadlines. Still, suppose the organization’s in-house team cannot meet its deadlines. In that case, they should hire a dedicated team of developers to help the organization in this scenario. 

  • Low Budget

Suppose the organization cannot recruit or pay high salaries to its in-house developers. In that case, they should hire a dedicated team of developers as they will be less expensive for the organization.  

How will hiring a dedicated team of developers reduce the project’s overall costs?

The following are some ways by which hiring a dedicated team of developers will save the overall costs of the projects.

  • Reduction in Extra Costs

There might be instances where the organization might need a developer with a particular skill and expertise that might not be available. In such cases, the organization should hire a dedicated team of developers by which they will be able to save the extra cost of hiring a full-time in-house developer. 

  • Training Cost                                                 

The organization has to train its in-house developers to remain updated with various technological developments in the industry. But providing training to such developers is very time taking and expensive for the organization. So if they want to avoid this, then they have to hire a dedicated team of developers with whom they can save massive amounts of training costs.

  • Technological Expertise

If the organization is developing a tailored solution for its business, they need developers with technical knowledge and expertise to make the desired solution. If the organization does not have employees with the needed technical knowledge and expertise, the desired output will not be achieved. So organizations must hire a dedicated team who will help in creating an adequate solution.

  • Decide the Best Strategy for the Project       

If the organization cannot decide on its strategy, it will lead to various mistakes caused by the developers. These mistakes will increase the time duration of the project, and it will also have an impact on the organization’s budget. The organization can easily tackle this situation by hiring a dedicated team of developers. They will be professionals with technical knowledge and expertise, which will help them solve complex situations.   

  • Pay only for the Utilized Resource

The organization must pay for every recruited resource if it hires an in-house team. Still, if they hire a dedicated team of developers, they have to pay for only outsourced resources. This will help the organization to save a considerable amount of cost.


Nowadays, there is a continuous increase in development costs which is problematic for many organizations. But if they want to reduce the development cost, they can hire a dedicated team of developers to benefit from it. Read more interesting and insightful articles like this at DevTechToday to broaden your knowledge.