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Why Use Golang For Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development has become a necessity in software development in recent times as its demand rises day by day. Although there are other languages available for the development of mobile applications, Golang is one of the most popular.

It has been 10 years, Golang is introduced in the market, but in the last five years, Golang mobile app development has boosted with a number of applications as it offers many benefits, so, in this blog, we look out why we use Golang for mobile app development. Firstly we start with its short introduction.

What is Golang?

Golang, also known as Go, is an open-source programming language created in 2007 by Google’s Ken Thompson, Rob Pike, and Robert Griezemer.

It is called a pocket programming language. The goal of the Go project is to eliminate the slowness and awkwardness of software development and make the process more efficient and scalable. Golang programming language aims to build mobile applications that are compatible with future technologies like AI, ML, and cloud computing.

Why Use Golang For Mobile App Development

Golang was developed to combine the syntax of the C programming language with the functions of modern languages. Go provides functions such as type inheritance, pointer arithmetic, and operator overloading. It can be used on many different platforms running on mobile devices, such as UNIX, Linux, Windows, and other operating systems.

Golang’s pragmatism and ease of learning have contributed to its substantial rise since 2016. Golang is used in some of the applications of several major corporations, including Facebook, Twitter, IBM, The New York Times, BBC, Dropbox, Apple, and Google.

Golang has become the first choice of developers for cross-platform application development due to its simple code and security.

Faster and Cheaper

Golang has a simple structure and syntax without inheriting types and classes. As a result, inheritance in Golang is handled through inline structures, as Golang does not provide classes.

Furthermore, the Golang programming language is simple to learn because it is based on functions. Golang has a tonne of features that make it less expensive and quicker.

Due of Golang’s immediate planning, development, and marketing of applications, this is a choice in many respects. Compared with the resources of the Python stream, its resources are available. Features that supplement performance include parallel models and improved CPU scalability.

As effective in terms of parallelism as Java, C++, and C, we may run several models simultaneously thanks to its parallelism, which saves time. Golang has a fast and efficient formatting tool known as Gofmt that can help save time.

Use Committed Memory

As Golang is a compiled language, there is no need for interpretation as it helps applications with freeing up power and ensures better performance.

Users get the best experience because the allocated memory is used correctly. The performance of applications developed with Go is better because the application has fewer requirements on the system and thus has greater scalability. In addition, due to their multi-threaded nature, they are unlikely to fail to go powered applications.


Golang is a safe static input language, so the entire framework remains safe. It is advised that developers make it very clear what kind of data will be shared.

Rich Library

Contains built-in functions and extensive libraries, so developers do not need third-party widgets. It provides software packages that can help you deal with cryptography, I/O, web servers, etc. The community supports 1.63 million dedicated developers and experts.

GoDoc Tool

Golang provides a GoDoc tool that can help you analyze code to create documentation pages. You can use Golang instead of languages like JSDoc, PHPDoc, and JavaDoc. Also can extract information from the code to create structures, patterns, and document formats.

GoDoc’s structured and formatted technical documentation makes it easier and more convenient to obtain links to version control repositories, cross-references, and code examples.

Use Submitted Memory

Since Golang is an assembled language, there is no need for comprehension because it helps applications by opening up drive space and ensuring greater performance.

Customers have the best possible experience since distributed memory is used efficiently. Because the Go programmer has fewer requirements on the framework and thus more significant adaptability, the presentation of Go-created applications is superior. Furthermore, given their multi-faceted nature, they are unlikely to forget to go fuel applications.

Repositories That Are Practically Accessible

Golang enables developers with open repositories to stream the development of portable applications much more easily. Goproxy has been adopted by a variety of improvement groups and organizations to scale their innovation interactions. You can rely on the program to use focused storage to offer your open-source Go modules. Outsiders can access these modules in broad daylight.

Take Away

Golang was built with a motive as it reduces the work of programmers and offers many benefits such as concurrency, built-in testing tools, and ease to learn. Moreover, mostly all cloud providers offer SDKs that can easily work with Go-powered apps. In addition, Golang released a number of Go-powered apps that, include Youtube Go. Go versions of Google, Google Assistant, Gboard, Maps, and Gmail are available.

Golang has huge potential in the coming time. As per the TIOBE index, Go has tremendous growth as time passes. It is gaining a good position in the best programming language list. So if you are planning for Golang mobile app development, then it will offer you unbeatable benefits with the help of Golang developers. Also, read more such insightful articles at DevTechToday and expand your knowledge.