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Flutter Open Source Projects: Build the Future of Mobile Apps

Introduction to Flutter Open Source Projects

Developers can easily create pixel-perfect user interfaces with Dart programming language and the Flutter cross-platform mobile application development framework. Widgets simplify the UI development process, making it easy to comprehend and master. The recent versions come with web-based programming infrastructure.

The flutter open source projects listed include various application types that can teach you a lot about developing Flutter apps. These templates are crucial tools for learning how to code and construct cutting-edge Flutter applications. 

You can learn about fundamental Flutter development principles through these incredible templates, including UI widgets, Dart programming, navigation, provider, bloc pattern stateless and stateful widget classes, theming, etc., for various apps.

Top Flutter open source Projects

Here are the top 10 flutter open source projects to look out for:

1. Flutter Music Player

A freely accessible Flutter application with a clean, precise user interface is called the Flutter Music Player. The Dart audio library is used to implement the audio playback capability, while third-party libraries are used to implement the extra features. The Google Playstore presently has this music player software available.

Flutter Music Player features include:

  • Similarly to other music players, you can play, pause, and skip tracks
  • Displays the duration of the current track and its total duration
  • Experience the must-have pleasure of listening to music saved on your device
  • Allows for individualized playlists
  • Enables audio-visual animation

2. Natrium

The popular flutter open source project cryptocurrency wallet Natrium was explicitly created for the NANO coin. It is functional and was created with Flutter using the Dart programming language. The Redis server, which powers the whole backend system of the app and is driven by Python, ensures its reliability and security. The software can be downloaded on a desktop or a website through the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Natrium’s features are:

  • The UI is sleek and intuitive, with a dark theme option for longer use.
  • Assist with biometric authentication
  • An effective sharing mechanism for QR codes is a feature of NANO
  • The mechanism for adding initiative contacts
  • Nano Currency and push notifications for updates were received

3. Open Food Facts

The Open Food Facts (Smooth app) is an open-source mobile application that informs consumers about the nutritional content and ingredients of the products they purchase, assisting them in making healthier food choices. Users can contribute to the Open Food Facts database and compare nutritional values by scanning barcodes to gain full information.

Open Food Features:

  • Makes it possible to scan barcodes to get information about food products
  • Access to the Open Food Facts database, which is a global repository for data on more than a million food goods
  • offers user-contributed information and reviews to aid in making purchasing selections
  • various language assistance

4. InKino

InKino is a striking example of a Flutter app that lets users browse films and showtimes for Finnkino theatres across many platforms. A single Flutter codebase powers both the native Android and iOS versions, while AngularDart powers the progressive web app. Following the Flutter project structure, it also organizes the codes into various directories according to functionality.

Features of Inkino:

  • Real-time access to movie listings and showtimes for Finnkino theatres
  • Movies can be filtered by age, language, and genre.
  • Grid-based video viewing for simple browsing
  • View the day’s and a specific time’s movie schedules.
  • Detailed information on the film, including photographs, cast members, and trailers
  • User interface that is simple and intuitive

5. Math Matrix App

A learning game for Android and iOS devices, the math matrix app, was created using the Flutter framework. Their math abilities, especially their multiplication and division capabilities, are to be improved by the program.

Math Metrix App features include:

  • Enables educational gaming that pushes individuals to work on their numerical abilities
  • Users can select the degree of difficulty
  • Track users’ advancement levels over time.

6. Wger

Wger is a smartphone application tracking users’ exercise routines and fitness advancement. The software is designed to integrate with the Wger API, which gives users access to an extensive library of workout plans. 

Wger Features

  • The capacity to build and modify workout routines
  • Access to a vast exercise and training database
  • Track your fitness goals and workout progress.
  • Sync with other fitness software and hardware

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7. Doodle

There’s a fun and free game called Doddle that features a creative universe of doodles. It’s perfect for anyone who loves making beautiful art and exploring creativity. More than million people have downloaded the game. Best of all, it’s open-source!

Features of Doodle

  • Allows individuals to create artwork based on their moods
  • It features Doodle Glow, a creative game with lots of pleasant surprises.
  • Users can easily construct unique kaleidoscope designs and Mandalas.
  • Allows you to watch a video of how they paint.
  • Enables people to post their artwork on social media sites

8. TV Rand Program

Users of the app may explore and watch films and TV series while keeping track of their favorites. It also uses third-party APIs, such as The Movie Database (TMDb) API, to retrieve information on TV series when viewing films and other media.

Features of TV Rand Show

  • View information about a title, browse available TV shows and movies, and watch episodes or movies from the app.
  • Users can mark their favorite TV shows and films when new episodes or films are available and receive notifications.
  • Users can search for films and television shows by actor, genre, or title.

9. DocLense

Using machine learning to extract text from photos, the mobile app was created in Flutter to make digitizing and managing documents easier. This Flutter application recognizes the text in the image and transforms it into searchable text.

DocLense Features Include:

  • A built-in document scanner can take pictures of documents, allowing users to modify and distribute extracted text,
  • enabling the saving of deleted text and images to a device or cloud storage for later use.
  • Numerous languages are supported for text recognition
  • and offer a simple-to-use interface that is user-friendly and intuitive.

10. Timecop

Users can track their time with the free, open-source Timecop app for MacOS and Android.

Timecop features include:

  • Users can move between jobs quickly thanks to stop and start timers for each task.
  • Customizable tasks and projects
  • Create reports and graphs demonstrating the amount of time spent on each project.
  • Data can be exported in CSV format
  • Supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts that make switching between tasks quick and simple.


Our collection of 10 Flutter open source projects showcasing the framework’s strength is now complete. It has become a desirable solution for companies of all sizes because of its performance, cross-platform interoperability, and quick development time. 

In the meantime, its extensive collection of tools and libraries gives developers a complete and adequate working experience. As a result, Flutter is a fantastic option for company owners looking to create top-notch mobile applications. 

We hope these initiatives have given you insightful information and inspired you to work on your future project. Also, You can further check out various technology blogs in depth at Devtechtoday.