Mobile App Development By DevTechToday July 26, 2022

How Google Flutter Became The Pace-Setter In Mobile App Development Race

I know you have this question in mind: Why Flutter for mobile app development while developing in this technology area. What exactly do users want in a mobile application? As a user, what do you want? better performance, Intuitive design, or smoother animation…??  In this case, you will suddenly start arguing that you require every of these three. Right?  As a developer, you want to develop such an application with features that will not compromise your application’s speed and performance.

And that’s the reason why Google Flutter is introduced in the market – which helps developers to develop such applications with the desired feature and stable speed and performance.

Flutter is one of the fastest-growing languages; they grow up to 532% around 2018-2021. Because Flutter was just released in 2017, we have to thank Flutter itself.

Google Flutter

One of the good things about flutter is that it can be used for both iOS and Android, and most importantly, it’s an open-source and free SDK with tools and widgets.

Why Flutter For Mobile App Development – Favorable Circumstances

Well, This is now enough, Flutter seems Awesome and impressive. Right? But still, let’s have a look at what can make Flutter the pace-setter for flutter for mobile app development race.

1. Quicker Code Composing

Being a developer, what you want is only quick and powerful mobile app development. You can easily make changes to your code and can see the results immediately within live applications. Flutter receives this blessing from the feature called Hot reload, which only takes a few seconds to fix bugs and do an analysis quicker.

2. Truly Single Code Based

You all have this confusion in mind that similar to flutter, react native also requires a single code for Android and iOS. So, what makes flutter unique? You will be surprised if I tell you, Flutter only uses a single language. Dart does this job for Flutter, it works on both frontend and backend. Dart has all those features that have been in popular languages and for developers getting to master Dart is very easy. 

3. Crazy Animations

For any kind of application, Animation is one of the things that makes a big difference in the experience of the users. And with flutter, animations are never been so easy and awesome. You can develop out-of-box animation using Flutter or can develop dope animations. So, it’s quite a complicated task of animation with iOS and Android. Flutter has some packages and tools in his pocket that makes animation work better and easy for you.

4. Smooth Design

Flutter follows Google materials design and because of that, you can easily develop a powerful UI experience easily by Flutter. By working with Flutter, developers feel a smooth user experience like a native application. Moreover, Flutter has some widgets which help the developer to build smooth and native designs.

5. Tons of Packages

If you are a developer, packages are very important for you. We all know that flutter is very young, but still, in the pocket of flutter, you will get tons of packages that make your developing process easy. Flutter community and developers around the world try to contribute with amazing packages.


If I have to discuss everything, in short, I just can say Flutter for mobile app development has the upper edge when it comes to set up and project configuration, including installation, community support, DevOps, testing support, CI/CD support, etc.

Being a Google product is itself a blessing for Flutter, you will surely get many business benefits if you use Flutter for your application development work. To read more such articles related to new trends in development world, visit DevTechToday and enjoy your learning.