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Top 10 Most Popular Apps Built With React Native in 2022

It is often said that there is no such thing as “perfect technology” in the field of exact development. For instance, we examined the 10 Most Popular Ionic Apps of 2022 and why most Ionic Annual Developer Survey respondents selected Ionic over React Native. Even though this is true, Ionic has drawbacks compared to React Native. Many big firms and enterprises use the latter as their mobile development framework. Some of our favourite apps now run on React Native. But, before we get into the top ten React Native apps of 2022, let’s look at what React Native is.

The method was first disclosed in 2015, and you can almost instantly display it as open-source. It’s compatible with both native and web technologies, such as HTML5. As a result, React Native is a flexible and appealing tech. Here are the top popular apps built with React Native in 2022 as evidence.

Popular Apps Built With React Native


This social networking site is popular worldwide, and its mobile app is among the most popular. Facebook has been attempting to build a cross-platform app since 2010, being the advanced tech titan it is. This was a unique and creative concept when other firms heavily invested in native apps.

The mobile development technologies in 2010 were not cross-platform inclined, specifically for Facebook’s needs. As a result, the initial app was lethargic and unreliable. They ran into the same issues when the website was first launched. So, just like they did with the website, they used their learning to develop a new framework that concedes with the specifications. As a result, React Native and React Native 2 are two of the most popular. This is how React Native was born, as was the Facebook app we all know and love.


Apps Built With React Native

Instagram began looking into React Native in 2016 to see if it may help their teams deliver updates more quickly. React Native now powers several Instagram functionalities. The use of React Native enhanced Instagram’s user experience tremendously. The cherry on top is that Instagram now has a near-instantaneous startup time thanks to React Native. Instagram ranks 2nd as the most trending app in the Photos and Video category on the App Store.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats was founded in 2014 as a way for the firm to develop more income. Simultaneously Toronto served as the initial testing site for the standalone mobile app, which was not released until 2015. Most people now consider Uber Eats the greatest delivery service, and it is currently accessible in over 6000 cities across 45 countries.

Uber picked React Native for the Uber Eats mobile app because of the experience. Because their web apps are built with React, it seems only valid that their mobile apps would follow suit. Due to its compatibility with Uber’s current native technologies and JavaScript-based solutions, React Native was picked.


Due to its distinctive and eye-catching platform, Pinterest quickly gained popularity after its 2010 founding. React was already being utilized by Pinterest for their web apps when they began to consider React Native for mobile. The justification for picking the mobile framework is still the same.The ability to exchange code leads to faster development, better performance, and scalability.


They developed their first mobile app in 2011 as a native iOS app. Due to the evident shift toward cross-platform techs with faster development times and lower prices, Walmart was forced to switch to an excellent option, React Native.

The move was not seamless as it was with Uber Eats. In 2017, Walmart unveiled React Native as a mobile technology substitute.


Bloomberg is a “high-tech, market-moving, data-driven, cross-platform information business,” according to its website. To put it another way, everything React Native allows and supports. Bloomberg is a well-known financial and business software firm that offers analytics, news, and insights.

Bloomberg released a mobile app in 2016 intending to assist decision-makers in the financial markets more quickly and on the go. This incredible app was created in less than six months, which is less than half the time it takes to create a native iOS or Android app.

React Native, according to Bloomberg, has the same reasoning as everyone else: it’s fast, cuts down on development time, and integrates beautifully with native mobile and web technologies.

 SoundCloud Pulse

The SoundCloud team decided to try out React Native. They realized right away that React Native was the best option. Since the gap had already been created by the likes of Google Sign-in, Facebook SDK, and others, they didn’t need to update native libraries.

Testing was also simple because React Native’s testing environments were designed to look and behave like native ones. SoundCloud also incorporated an increasing number of web libraries into its architecture.

The SoundCloud team recognized only one drawback: React Native’s immediate change, which requires more time for important code maintenance.


Discord was created with gaming communities in mind. They were primarily looking for a platform to enable social gaming with companions and relatives.

Users can use the program to create or join a server, which can then be partitioned into separate voice and text channels. Each person can share their screen or camera once they’re in a speech channel. This functionality makes Discord stand out from competing chat services like Messenger and Skype.

React Native for iOS was adopted by Discord as soon as it was made open-source. Years later, the creators of Discord discovered that their program could not maintain the promised 60 frames per second. After just a few weeks of tweaks and improvements, aided by free resources from the React Native community, the software supported the goal structure rate.


When React Native was only a year old, the mobile app architect at Wix described some of the constraints of new mobile technologies. It was too new, simple, and frail to be trusted. To put it another way, even though React Native appeared to be the best option for Wix’s new mobile app, it fell short of anticipations.

On the other hand, Wix employs over 200 front-end engineers who are JavaScript experts. As a result, they evaluated that it would still be more cost-effective to build the Wix app from the ground up and address all of React Native’s flaws. 


Skype is a popular and most useful video conferencing site. Every day, tens of thousands of people and teams worldwide interact through this Microsoft-owned network. Furthermore, while their desktop app is known for being built using Electron, their mobile app is designed with React Native. 

Microsoft was also dissatisfied, so they pushed React Native to a new level. Using the ReactXP framework, they constructed a basic, thin overlay for React Native. “Learn once, write everywhere,” as the React developers like to say. This framework does away with the necessity to code the view layer or certain UI components that make an app user-friendly.


For smartphone programming, React Native is a gold mine. However, it has benefits and drawbacks, just like any other technology. This technology is forever changing. As a result, if your team isn’t up to date on React Native’s development, you’ll run into some issues. This framework works with native and web technologies, and you may use it in conjunction with stages. These were the top 10 and popular apps Built With React Native if you’re looking for a new and improved framework for your app, React Native is the ideal option. 

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