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Vue vs Angular: A Detailed Comparison

Since the last decade, businesses have understood the importance of building an online presence, and due to this, the demand for building a web application has risen a lot. Numerous frameworks are very popular in website development. Building web applications with javascript-based frameworks such as angular and Vue has been popular too. Whenever a demand to build a web application is there, Vue vs angular is a hot topic to debate.

So if you are also among those business owners who are not sure which one to pick between Vue vs Angular, then have a detailed look at the below

Vue vs. Angular:

Vue vs Angular

What is Vue js?

Vuejs was introduced in the market in 2014 and the demand for vue development is constantly growing. Vue is the most flexible javascript-based framework which serves the most popular and modern web development tools for the purpose of developing frontend applications. Also, it creates an easy and effective user interface for all prospective users. Vue js has been always considered a versatile and popular choice because it allows the designing and changing of the progressive UI in an effortless manner.

Vue Features:

CSS Transitions and Animations

Simpler in terms of design as well as APIs

Offers flexibility and modular replacement

It has a reflective distinction between the roles of directives vs. components

Easier state management

Successful examples of companies using Vue JS:






What is Angular?

Angular is a leading technology used as an open source and frontend technology. It is a component of the MEAN stack, compatible with a wide range of code editors, and is used to build dynamic web pages and online applications. Many big companies such as PayPal, Gmail, Nike, and Youtube TV are some successful examples of those who have made development possible with the help of Angular developers.

Angular features:

Easy development process

Perfect choice for a single-page application

Code generation with better performance

The efficient choice for hybrid, PWA, and native-based web applications

Serves quick template to build an application

Successful examples of companies using Angular JS:






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Vue vs Angular: Core Diffrences

We have parameters that talk about different aspects of Vue vs Angular below. Let’s cover each one by one and see who wins the battle:


Performance plays a huge role in deciding the power and efficiency of the framework. Here in terms of performance document object model directly affects building any web or mobile applications. Angular DOM makes changes to single component results while vue uses DOM which designs real DOM based on modified components.

Application Size:

Vue serves as a lightweight web application because of its nature and the framework does not hold a lighter size application. Also between 50kB and 100kB is the actual size of the designed Vue application. In comparison to vue application, the size of the angular application always gets larger than the expected one. In terms of size, the range of angular applications goes around 250kB to 500kB which is way larger than the other frontend frameworks and small-size web applications.

Development speed:

As mentioned above Vue serves lightweight web applications which in the end results in designing simple and fast web applications. Single filed-based components can be designed easily with the help of various Vue based add tools such as the storybook, bit, Vue dev tools, Vue loader. At last, it results in increasing the processing speed and also showcases faster development processes too. While if we talk about angular it serves simple and easy architecture where coding flexibility is also given. Here developers do get flexibility in coding so it takes less time in designing an application and once done launching, modifying the application also can be done in a faster manner. Also angular is successful in handling and managing complex web applications which are overloaded with various features and components altogether.

Ease of learning:

In terms of the framework, we can say that Vue serves more customized features which results in making the development process easy and understandable for the developers. Also, it makes use of similar components and functionalities like angular and react native due to which transition of an angular or react-based web application to shift in Vue js is easier and doable. While angular is a complete set and huge frontend framework. In comparison to Vue, Angular developers need to have a basic understanding of typescript and MVC while beginning the web development process.

Overall job market situation:

In comparison to Angular or any other leading technologies Vue is considered less popular in the market and is slowly getting into the market with pace and slowly increasing its market share. While as we all know, angular is a leading frontend framework and considered as oldest out of many top frameworks, including Vue in this list.


Thus this is it! We have talked about in depth about Vue vs Angular in-depth above. So if you are asking which one is better then, it is a thing that if you are planning to build simple and easy-to-go web applications Vue js is the right choice for web application development while Angular is a bit complex and can be used when there is a need from the client side as well as server-side need. So if any complex web application is demanded then Angular is the right choice for business. Well, we can here say that among Vue vs Angular, there is no clear winner that can be decided by anyone as it purely depends on the client’s side based on the project needs, requirements, and core objective behind it. So based on these mentioned criteria between Vue and Angular any ideal pick can be decided.

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