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Top Robotic Process Automation Tools

Nowadays, all businesses are looking for ways to get advanced and rapid results. In this current world of technology, one of the latest additions is robotic process automation. Robotic process automation is a recent trending technology imitating human activities with the help of computers, simply known as Google bots. Google bots are computer-processed programs that are planned to complete specific tasks and rule-based activities. Also, businesses are nowadays finding ways to gain competitive advantage by building the most advanced business solutions.

As per the data by
“ 2030 RPA market will grow from the present 1.23$ billion to 13.39$ billion”

Robotic process automation is the most sophisticated and advanced technology that helps enterprises maximize the productivity and utilization of business resources in the right manner. There are various Robotic process automation tools that help build the most ideal business solution in an effective manner.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Only RPA is a robot that learns and operates based on basic repetitive tasks in an accurate manner. From filling forms, copying data, and updating banking information, all such tiring tasks RPA saves a lot of time and is utilized in an effective manner.
Bots can be made with the use of RPA tools. RPA enables programmers to create “bots,” or software robots, that can mimic, pick up on, and execute rule-based business processes. Along with life science, the insurance, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and public sectors are also using Robotic process automation tools as they adopt marketing automation.

Robotic process automation tools are available to help businesses complete tasks more quickly and affordably than they could if they were done manually. Let’s learn more about each RPA tool individually below:

1. Eggplant:

Robotic Process Automation Solutions are provided by Keysight’s Eggplant Software to automate the performance of repetitive operations. It boosts output while cutting down on mistakes. Any system, from mobile to mainframe, may be tested using the system’s universal fusion engine. Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms can all host it. It offers complete automation and can work with other systems to finish the operation.

2. Blue Prism:

This RPA tool is flexible in nature and can be used for any of the available platforms. It helps in processing clerical-related back-office tasks more effectively than humans. A blue prism can complete tasks more quickly and cheaply. Also, to deal with Blue Prism, no programming skill is needed, and it is user-friendly for all. Businesses of all sizes can improve their operational effectiveness by using Blue Prism’s ability to automate business operations at scale. Almost all industries, such as financial services, telecommunications, insurance, manufacturing, hospitals, and so forth, already use it.

3. Kofax:

It is one of the most popular AI-powered robotic process automation systems on the market. It has the most comprehensive collection of next-generation RPA capabilities. Without the need for APIs, scripting, or coding, users can automate processes by creating, deploying, and managing intelligent robots on the centralized server. To automate information-intensive processes, Kofax RPA combines business process management, process mining, cognitive document automation, and robotic process automation.

4. Softmotive:

From the designing to the manufacturing processes, Softmotive is renowned for providing precise outcomes. It is easy to use and works five times better than humans. It gives proper security and error handling while automating any tasks.

5. AutomationAnywhere:

It is the most powerful tool with an easy, user-friendly interface, which is recognized worldwide. It integrates intelligent RPA components with conventional RPA components, such as machine learning, natural language processing, and reading unstructured data. Students, small enterprises, researchers, and Automation Anywhere developers can use its market-leading RPA technology without charge. Additionally, organizations are given a 30-day free trial.

6. Microsoft Power Automate:

It is an effective robotic process automation (RPA) solution that helps companies automate time-consuming and laborious processes. It can be used to automate a variety of business processes, including data entry, document processing, email management, and others. Because it is easy to use and quick to set up, Power Automate is the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. It is accessible via PC, mobile device, and online. Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, and Capitol Music Group are a few of their top clients.

7. Ui Path:

It completes a variety of tasks to reduce errors and speed up manual tasks, making it one of the best Windows desktop RPA tools. It serves all the core capabilities and is user-friendly in nature. All types of businesses can think about using this tool because it is simple to use. Additionally, it can manage any kind of procedure, regardless of its complexity.

Want to know about the Top Use cases of Robotic Process Automation?

You can find a detailed blog in regards to the use cases of Robotic process automation on a day-by-day basis.

8. Pega:

Pega is a market-leading platform for low-code robotic process automation that enables enterprises to streamline workflows and automate activities. Companies may swiftly extend apps and satisfy key business goals with an adaptive cloud architecture built on a single Pega platform. Pega’s award-winning CRM, digital process automation, induced AI, and RPA capabilities make it one of the best c available today.

9. Nintex RPA:

With the aid of the intelligent Robotic process automation tool Nintex RPA, you may automate laborious, manual, and rule-based operations. It is intended to assist you in increasing productivity, reducing expenses, and raising the caliber of your job.
You can quickly automate repetitive operations like data entry, file conversion, and email processing with Nintex RPA. Additionally, Nintex RPA can be used to automate more intricate procedures like claims processing and fraud detection.


Thus, as mentioned, robotic process automation has impacted our daily lives in a big way. It makes the business process smoother with advancement and rapid outcomes. Business So, there is no doubt in saying that there are exceptional benefits to hiring an RPA developer for any industry to tackle and manage day-to-day tasks effectively and efficiently. Also, you can further check out various in-depth technology blogs at Devtechtoday.

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