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Top 10 Ruby on Rails Gems you must check out for web development!

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular backend technology across the developer community, the reason being its uncanny ability for rapid development, taking no time to proceed towards prototyping and soon after reaching the market.

Hence, the technology is vastly called startup technology!

Apart from that RoR is known for providing ready-to-use solutions. And that would not be possible without taking help of its library, which is widely known as Gems

Being in the developer community, we all know the importance of libraries to make more robust and extensive technology.

Gems are those extensive libraries in Ruby on Rails through which you can sail the ride of the development process without any hustle. Ruby on Rails Gems has explicit functionalities that allow the developer to customize and prolong their rails application in no time.

However, to know which Gems would turn out to be a connecting bridge to your issue in the RoR developing process, one must be aware of the best in the industry and the basic functionalities of the Gems.

In this blog, I would like to shed light on one of the best Ruby on Rails Gems that would definitely change how you have been utilizing this robust backend technology so far now.

Let’s explore the top Ruby on Rails Gems one by one that is considered the best for web development.

Ruby on Rails Gems

This list is compiled by expert Ruby on Rails Developers across the globe tests and proven the best among the others.

1. ActiveRecord IMPORT

 Active record Import is the best choice when it comes to input is easy for the bulk of data. It works through its way generating minimum SQL statements as it requires.

2. Kaminari

  It has got more than five million to download till now, and when numbers speak all, undoubtedly Kaminari has to make it to our top 10 best ruby on rails Gems list.

The principal function through which this Gem excel is the pagination process. Anything can be paginated through this Gem without any hassle.

3. Devise

When it comes to adding Authentication, no one can simplify things like Device can do. Most RoR Developers use Devices to make the login Authentication development process, as it makes things done in no time.

4. RSpec Rails

To compose the united experiments, the Rspec Rails Gems is an ideal choice. It is also approached mainly by the designers. If we had to explain it in simple terminology, RSpec Rails deploys the structure in a most sorted and exceptional way.

5. PaperTrial

We have all been through this most irritating situation while developing when you add something and then have to remove it. The frustration of this undo-redo process is natural.

Papertrial helps you out, saving you from this awful situation, as it handles the situation by retaining all the changes you are working in by naming the version of the changes you are working in. Therefore it becomes convenient with the same model you are working in.

6. Figaro

This Heroku-friendly Gem is considered the best Gem when it comes to application setup. However, to utilize this Gem, we will require YAML and EnV records for the secured arrangement of the application setup.

7. PRY

PRY is kind of like a mega library or a plugin compared to other libraries. PRY facilitates the process of debugging and combining conflicts of multiple Gems.

8. Draper

Ruby on Rails Developers uses Draper mainly to form the decorators around their models. Providing a definition to a draper becomes more convenient with the assistance of Draper for RoR developers.

This Gem also provides the list of attributes and extended methods for the objects.

9. Rubocop

To analyze the code quality, Rubo cop is Ruby Developers’ first choice and favorite one too!

The best thing about Rubocop is it solves mundane errors like syntax errors, margin gaps,s or line breaks. It resolves them automatically.

10. Meta Tags

Meta tags are a familiar term for SEO community people. This Ruby on Rails Gem is precisely what its name suggests, creating SEO-friendly meta tags which will help you reach your target audience more quickly and effortlessly.

To wrap up, these were some of the best Ruby on Rails Gems, each excelling in different functionalities.

These Gems were chosen with one idea keeping in mind, and that is covering the best in every aspect of the Ruby on Rails Development process.

However, there are other RoR Gems as well that cater to the specific requirement of the project but one can not deny its extensiveness. One of the best Ruby on Rails Gems includes Ahoy, Paperclips, Cancancan, Active Admin, Bullet, and Slim.

The moral of the story is to choose the right Ruby on Rails Gems before getting started with your application is a crucial step to take in order to make your ror perform well in long term! To know more about the latest tips and tricks keep watching this space – Devtechtoday.