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Why to choose Ruby on Rails for Mobile app development?

In this rapid world of technology, we all have heard the name Ruby on Rails. Rails are the most popular and leading framework which is picked up by many of us to build feature-rich and robust web applications. Even though we find so many effective and latest frameworks available nowadays but we are aware that still, nobody can beat ruby on rails in terms of the benefits it serves. There are numerous benefits it serves to a business and make the development process easier and faster too. We all are aware that whether it is a start-up or a Multinational company they all consider Ruby on rails as the most preferred tool for building feature-rich and robust applications.

Along with time, we have seen that trend of mobile app development has risen a lot day by day. Here we have found that even though rails is the most trending and reliable technology for developing a mobile application it has not been overshadowed many times. There are instances where business owners are not sure that should they pick Ruby on Rails for Mobile app development or not.

There is no doubt in saying that there are numerous advantages businesses can have by developing a mobile application with Ruby on rails. It has a huge potential for mobile app development and the capability for designing both hybrids as well as cross-platform applications based on business needs.

Let’s talk about what is Ruby on Rails with its features and use cases. Also some of the best reasons why pick Ruby on rails to develop a mobile application:

What is Ruby on Rails?

It has been more than 16 years since Ruby on rails came into the existence and till now it has been always a preferred language by all. If you have heard about Shopify, twitch or zen desk then let me tell you that they are the most successful clients of Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework known for fast and rapid web development serving excellent features such as powerful plugins, IDEs, etc.

Use cases of Ruby on Rails:

  • It has the faster MVP
  • Serves secure web app development
  • Offers scalable web app development

Ruby on Rails Features:

Easy to adapt:

We all are aware that ruby on rails is very simple, flexible, and easy to use for developers, and also the coding process is easy and simple to understand. Here in ruby on rails process of commanding is smooth and efficient. It results in efficient web development with less time.

MVC architecture:

Ruby on Rails offers one of the best MVC architectures which helps in dividing the coding data and also showcases layers of presentation as a resource layer. So it gets very easy in implementing for Ruby on rails developers other than any frameworks.

Automated deployment:

Ruby on rails consists of various libraries which help developers a lot while the web development process. It takes less time and effort for developers with the help of such quality libraries.

Convention over Configuration:

Ruby on Rails is following a process Convention over Configuration approach, which basically helps in increasing productivity and it also enables a fast and simple software-creating process.

Reason to pick Ruby on Rails for Mobile App Development

Dynamic Development:

Here Ruby on rails uses an agile development methodology so here there will be comparably less number of mistakes and faults thanks to this agile development method. Here ruby on rails developers easily can switch to the upcoming part after finishing it. So here this ensures simplicity and development easiness.


In terms of the community among all other frameworks Ruby on Rails has a large range of community support based on the GitHub data. Such assistance plays a huge role when a business is looking to hire ruby on rails developers to upscale its business process. Whenever a developer is stuck somewhere they can easily contact and get in touch with the community and reuse thousands of Ruby on Rails gems that are readily available. So having a huge community is the top factor to build mobile applications with ROR.


We are aware that mobile users are majority impatient in nature. While using a mobile if any kind of error happens from an application side people will not care to wait rather they will give up by closing the app and picking some other. So this is why scalability is a must to make your audience grow larger. Here mobile applications designed by ruby on rails developers won’t ever struggle to manage the incoming traffic all because of the scalability of the technology ROR. Thus there is no doubt why it is the ideal pick for all business owners.


Ruby on rails is as we know an open-source framework that consists of a range of libraries and free plugins for the whole community of Ruby on rails developers. So we can say that such a range of effective plugins helps developers in quality business solutions. So we can say that these plugins also save time and at a low cost allow the business to build an application.

Easy to code:

Also Ruby on Rails doesn’t ask for a huge amount of coding for developers it gets easy and practical to design. Also for a beginner, it won’t be that difficult to understand in the early stage as it does not involve too much coding. Although it may not be extremely simple to understand, once developers have mastered it, they may use it successfully and profitably.


Thus we can say that these are some of the best reasons why ruby on rails is the most ideal choice for mobile app development It serves numerous benefits and features to businesses who are looking for quality and effective mobile app development

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