Cyber Security By DevTechToday June 22, 2022

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking: The future is here!

Cyber security and ethical hacking are two concepts that can easily get mixed up if not comprehended properly. Cyber security is the ocean, including several other rivers that come from different directions and regions. And ethical hacking is one of those rivers that meet the ocean at the end of the journey. 

Generally, when someone says hacking, we consider that term for certain kinds of malicious activity. Even the term ‘Hacker’’itself has been coined to describe the experts who can hack the data with unethical motives. These so-called hackers use their skills to re-develop pr modify the mainframe systems while increasing their efficiency by enabling them to multitask. These days this term is specifically used for those skilled developers and programmers. They try to enter into any system unethically by exploiting the weaknesses like cracking easy passwords or penetrating or disrupting the networks.

On the other hand, cyber security is a significantly broad concept that consists of numerous information, data, security mechanisms, networks, and many more domains. Cyber security requires a combination of various tools and skills. In order to simplify the understanding, one can segregate the numerous aspects below categories.

  • Cloud Security

  • Data Security

  • Application Security

  • End-point Security

  • Identity management

  • Information security

  • Network security

  • Mobile Security

We have got the basic idea of both the concepts now. Let’s move forward and go through the basic core differences between Cyber security and ethical hacking.

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking: the Core Differences

  • The concept

Cyber security is a broad concept that safeguards the system’s data from malicious elements. At the same time, comparatively, ethical hacking is just one subpart of cyber security that talks about discovering digital vulnerabilities and reporting them back to their owner.

  • Prime objective

The prime focus of cyber security is to find ways to protect the system by updating and implementing the safeguards. On the other hand, ethical hacking mainly focuses on how to attack a system by finding the flows.

  • Maintenance and Testing

In order to keep the loop of cyber security tight, one needs to implement constant maintenance and consistent security measures. Ethical hacking can be used as a bonafide practice. It can be used as testing in order to find out the flaws and loopholes so they can be rectified on time. Cyber security and Ethical hacking can be considered a hand and glove.

Responsibility of a Cyber Security Professional

Now, one needs to understand the prominent roles and responsibilities of an ethical hacker and a cyber security consultant before adopting any of these concepts to their business.

1. The primary role of a cyber security professional is to by performing regular audits based on the inefficiencies discovered by them.

2. Keeping the security system up to date by implementing regular maintenance.

3. Make the organization aware of possible malicious cyber attacks in the future.

4. The cyber security professional must ensure access to certain sensitive data should be kept confidential.

5. Providing multiple suggestions in order to increase the security of the data and various networks.

Responsibility of an Ethical Hacker

1. An Ethical Hacker performs various kinds of tests in order to keep the system secure.

2. They are responsible for generating reports stating the vulnerabilities and their possible consequences.

3. Provide solutions to stop any feasible security breach through existing or future loopholes.

4. Understanding the databases should be a must if you are well versed with a database management system like SQL will enable you to inspect the operations in the database pretty effectively.

5. Strong networking skills are highly required as one must be acquainted with how certain parts of the network can be compromised if left unsupervised.

So, the core differences between cyber security and ethical hacking must be clear. In addition to that, the role of each professional is also cleared. Now, what’s next? How can you take advantage of these rising technologies for your business?

What’s Next?

The experts predict that the global market of ethical hacking penetration will reach upto 4.1 Billion USD by 2027. These numbers show its rising significance in the future. More and more competitors have been trying to enter the market due to huge demand. Since we are in danger of a possible cyberattack, everyone will need to secure themselves from such a catastrophe.

In such circumstances, the job of a profound cyber security expert becomes more crucial. And increased usage of cloud computing becomes the cherry on the cake. 

Taking preventive measures has no more an option in this fragile digital world. Hence, the best way to deal with such advanced technical changes as cyber security and Ethical hacking is to be open and adaptive to all kinds of new changes in the tech world if you want your business to be digitally sound. Keep tracking devtechtoday for the latest technological updates in the tech world!