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Business Intelligence: A Complete Overview

By providing businesses with a thorough understanding of all of their data, business intelligence (BI) solutions help organizations to stay competitive. After all, BI technologies are already utilized by around 50% of all firms, and predictions indicate continued expansion in the years to come. But for others who haven’t adopted a tool or are simply inquisitive, it might be difficult to understand what BI is.

To help businesses make better, data-driven decisions, Business Intelligence integrates business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools, infrastructure, and best practices. When you have a complete understanding of your organization’s data and utilize it to promote change, get rid of inefficiencies, and respond quickly in response to supply or market changes, you may say that your company has modern business intelligence. A modern BI system focuses on flexible self-service analytics, governed data on a trusted platform, empowered business users, and rapid insight.

BI methods
Company intelligence is a wide term that covers more than just one specific “thing,” including the methods and strategies for acquiring, preserving, and analyzing data from business operations or activities to improve performance.

These elements work together to create a comprehensive image of a company that empowers decision-makers to operate in a better, more efficient manner. In recent years, business intelligence has evolved to include more processes and activities to support performance. These steps include the following:

  • Data mining uses statistics, databases, and machine learning (ML) to uncover patterns in enormous datasets.
  • supplying data analysis to stakeholders so they can draw conclusions and take action
  • Using bespoke dashboards to compare current performance data to historical performance data to monitor performance against goals.
  • Using fundamental facts to investigate events
  • BI collects answers from the data sources by posing questions that are specific to the data.
  • Utilize the findings of the descriptive analysis to conduct additional data analysis to understand how and why patterns emerged.
  • To make information easier to grasp, data visualization uses graphs, charts, and histograms to visualize data analysis.
  • using visual storytelling to investigate data to quickly share discoveries and keep analysis flowing
    by gathering information from numerous sources, determining the dimensions and measurements, and getting everything ready for analysis

Benefits of using BI systems

Business intelligence has several different parts, including software. Data use in everyday corporate operations is a complicated task. The seven benefits of BI are embodied in real-world successes that show BI in action.

Business intelligence benefits:

  • faster analysis and transparent dashboards
  • the improvement of organizational effectiveness
  • Data-driven business decisions improved customer happiness.
  • greater employee satisfaction
  • a stronger competitive edge due to controlled and verified data

Case Studies: Real-World Examples of Business Intelligence

Sabre Airline Solutions

The speed of the travel industry is astounding. Sabre’s customers needed a cutting-edge solution that could provide real-time data on customer behavior and behavior.
For the purpose of storing enormous amounts of data, Sabre developed an enterprise travel data warehouse (ETDW). Saber’s Executive Dashboard provides near real-time information with a 360-degree view of business health, bookings, operational performance, and ticketing in an easy-to-use environment. Increased revenue and greater customer satisfaction have been made possible by the scalable infrastructure, graphic user interface, data aggregation, and collaborative working capabilities.


An American television network that broadcasts in Spanish for free is called Univision. It is the nation’s most significant source of Spanish-language material. Univision desired greater visibility into its data to consolidate and concentrate on targeted advertising initiatives.
Programmatic TV is an automated, data-driven method for purchasing and delivering advertisements against television programming. It includes ads offered via the web, mobile devices, connected TVs, set-top boxes, and linear TV advertisements. The company can feed its BI with data from applications like Facebook, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics to improve the effectiveness of its programmatic advertising. After applying business intelligence, Univision had a first-quarter yield increase of 80%.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix offers online personal styling services for apparel and accessories. The business customizes clothing goods depending on size, price, and style using recommendation algorithms and data analytics. Reduced returns, recurring sales, and word-of-mouth marketing from customers referring to their friends and family are all goals of the corporation.
The more a consumer spends with Stitch Fix, the better the styling staff can understand their fashion sense. Stitch Fix gathers data within BI during the purchasing process. To decipher the various personal style elements, the corporation engaged astrophysicists, a complex task that would be impossible without the robust analytics of BI.


The 148 million members of the online entertainment provider provide it with a significant BI advantage. How does Netflix use business intelligence? Netflix makes numerous uses of data. One illustration is how the business develops and tests original programming concepts based on previously watched programs. To encourage viewers to interact with its content, Netflix also employs business intelligence. The service’s recommendation system drives over 80% of streamed content since it effectively promotes tailored content.


Starbucks has access to the unique purchasing information of millions of customers through its well-known loyalty card program and mobile application. Using this data and BI technologies, the business forecasts purchases and emails specific offers to customers based on their expected preferences. This system raises sales volumes and encourages returning consumers to visit its locations more regularly.

FAQs about BI

1.​​ What Is Power BI?
Microsoft, a leading software provider, offers a business analytics application called Power BI. The company claims that using a scalable platform enables individuals and enterprises to connect, model, and visualize data.

2. Self-Service BI: What Is It?
Self-service BI is an analytical method that enables non-technical people to access and explore data. In other words, it grants access to the data to all members of the business, not just those in the IT division.

3. What Is the BI Product from IBM?
Cognos Analytics, one of IBM’s critical BI solutions, is marketed as an all-encompassing, AI-powered Business Intelligence solution.

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