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Art With AI: End To Creativity or The Beginning of A New Era

Many industries benefit from artificial intelligence since it raises an organization’s productivity and profitability. Regarding the realm of art, however, the position is a little hazy. Recently, sites that sell AI-generated artworks have proliferated, which raises skepticism regarding art with AI.

Let’s first examine what it’s like for AI to produce art. Instead of using a pen or brush, creating art with AI involves a description of what the user wants to see. You can draw a picture of something like this if you put down “a bull in space” and are willing to consider the artistic alternatives.

Art with AI

In the same way, writing something else would give you a different image based on your description as is mentioned in the ensuing section.

Examples of Artwork generated with AI

To create art, animation, and realistic images, different AI algorithms are used by AI art-generating platforms. Here are some examples of uniquely generated art with AI. All the artworks in this article are generated with the help of

1. The Smiling Wolf

Artwork with AI

2. Painting of a man with a horn on his head

Artwork with Artificial Intelligence

3. Sloth drinking wine

art with artificial intelligence

4. A bike rider on the moon

art generation with AI

5. A firefighter in the snow 

art generation with artificial intelligence

6. Gathering of Ghosts 

art with the help of AI

7. A swimming dragon

AI for Art generation

As far as your creativity takes you, the artwork can be generated. Some of the platforms also allow the users to edit the art post generating it based on their description.

Top Platforms To Generate Art With AI

Various industries, including advertising, architecture, fashion, and entertainment, now use AI-generated art for pre-modeling. The number of platforms has expanded along with the use of AI-generated art. The top 3 AI-generated art platforms are shown below.

Hotpot AI

Hotpot enables users to produce expert graphics and images. AI solutions allow professionals and users to inspire creativity and automate tedious tasks. Anyone may design device mockups, social media posts, marketing photos, app icons, and other work visuals using simple-to-edit templates. 


OpenAI created the DALL-E and DALL-E 2 machine learning models to create digital images using “prompts” or natural language descriptions. In January 2021, OpenAI announced DALL-E, which generated graphics using a modified GPT-3.


A prompt and image search engine made by AI. Every picture has a seed and prompts, so you can copy and remix it however you like.


An app called NightCafe Creator uses several AI art generation techniques. You may use neural style transfer to turn your shot into a work of art. With text-to-image AI, you only need to provide a text prompt to create art.

Deep Dream Generator

To detect and enhance patterns in photographs using algorithmic pareidolia, Google engineer Alexander Mordvintsev developed the computer vision program DeepDream. This tool gives purposefully over-processed images a dream-like appearance reminiscent of a psychedelic trip.


A collaborative, machine learning-based art website called Artbreeder went by the name Ganbreeder earlier. The website lets users create and alter photographs of people, places, and artwork, among other categories, using the models StyleGAN and BigGAN.

Starry AI

An AI art generation app, is called starryai. Our AI creates original works of art using the text you enter. We simplify and intuitively guide users through the typically complex and technical process of creating AI art. Both iOS and Android have a free version of starryAI.


WOMBO dream uses artificial intelligence to generate a beautiful picture within a few seconds in your preferred art style. WOMBO Dream is reaching a larger audience via art. You don’t need a paintbrush, a pencil, or any other art supplies to produce amazing artwork; all you need is the concept.


You can transform your everyday photographs into original oil paintings, watercolor paintings, cartoons, drawings, and more using Fotor’s AI art generator by using AI image generation technology.

Neural Love

Imagine telling AI two or three words, and it turns them into a beautiful work of art. It’s no longer science fiction. It can be done for free with our new tool. Natural love allows generating free art.

Art With AI: Boon Or Curse?

To determine whether creating art using AI is a blessing or a curse, let’s examine the history of both art and AI. Since the earliest cave dwellers, there has been art. The cave walls were being used to make artwork at the time, and art began to change when more modern tools and equipment became available. The invention of canvas rolls and paintbrushes made it easy for people to transport artwork and instruments. And for the past two decades, digital art, in which artists create paintings using digital tools, has become popular.

Artificial intelligence has recently been widespread across many industries, but it is now acknowledged worldwide. The response is “No.” Artists need not worry; art fans prefer traditional art over all other types. Considering art with AI, the service and labor of an artist for commercial objectives alone could be decreased. The future of AI could be enhanced to the next level and might not need a digital screen too.

Art with AI could only replace digital art since traditional art forms cannot be returned because it lacks the human feelings and thoughts that paintings portray. Like AI, writing aids were once seen as a danger to writers. The AI does, however, occasionally overlook context and employs writing that disregards the human touch.

On the plus side, almost all fields can use this type of art to preplan the model for their project.

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